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The long awaited Apple iPhone has finally been released! Some people are really against the iPhone for its lack of basic features and slow internet browsing on mobile networks. The iPhone will be popular there is no doubt about that, the majority of people that will buy it will be Apple lovers and wont mind paying the extra for a Apple branded product.

There is no need to tell you that the iPhone is an iPod come Mobile Phone allowing you to do a lot of different things on the move. And all in one device. The camera on the iPhone has 2 megapixels but has no ability to record videos, or take pictures in the dark. However you can watch videos on your iPhone just like you can on the iPod Videos. There is a TV Output port so that you can watch your downloaded videos on your own TV.

In terms of the internet browser, Apple have built the iPhone with a Safari browser allowing you to view a wide range of web pages on the move. Whilst at home and a near a Wi-Fi hot spot your internet connection will be quick and reliable but whilst moving about the speeds aren't very fast at all. As the iPhone works on EDGE you will get up to 236 Kbs. There is also support for Google Maps and Widgets.

Apple iPhone Features

Talk Time:8 hours
Standby:250 hours
Depth:11.6 mm
Width:61 mm
Height:115 mm
Weight:135 grams
Camera:2 Megapixels

Apple iPhone Reviews

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I think my Apple iPhone is great so what if it doesn't send picture messages, its an iPod and a phone in one! And its reliable, if you thinking of getting one do it!
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Apple iPhone is rated 4.0 out of 5 from 1 Reviews

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