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Release Date: Sep 2018

For Apple's devotees, whether or not to purchase the new model iPhone is a foregone conclusion. Indeed, for most iPhone users, upgrading is rarely a matter of "if" so much as “when”. But as Apple have launched no fewer than 3 new iPhones upon the market of late, it may be challenging deciding which is best for you.

For our money, the iPhone XR is as good as it gets. Sure, it may not be as flashy in terms of spec as it’s cousin the XS, what it lacks in dazzle it makes up for in performance. Let's take a look.

The iPhone XR at a glance

Don’t have time to read a full review? No problem. Here’s everything you need to know at a glance;

- Affordable price tag.
- Great selection of colours.
- Attractive "all screen" display.
- New "liquid retina" LCD screen
- Fantastic battery life compared to Apple’s previous efforts.

Still with us?

If you’re still with us, you’ll want to know more about what the iPhone XR has to offer. Let’s dive deep into what makes the iPhone XR so special…

On the inside

Bells and whistles aside, a smartphone is only as powerful as the software and hardware that govern it. In the iPhone XR we have a powerful combination of the incredibly powerful A12 Bionic chipset and the powerful iOS 12. This allows for the seamless experience that we’ve come to expect from Apple even when running the most demanding apps.

On the outside

The iPhone XR has possibly the best colour range since the days of the 5C. The attractive range of colours will suit any tastes while the exterior has a smooth and sleek yet robust and slightly chunky (in a good way) feel.

The screen

This new generation of iPhone uses a new kind of LCD screen which Apple describes as “liquid retina” that covers the entire surface of the screen. Interestingly, this screen does not use the kind of “3D Touch” that is featured in other models. This is where pressing harder on the screen activates different sub-menus or settings on the apps. Instead, the same function is facilitated by resting your finger on the screen for longer. Some will miss this feature, others won’t, but it’s far from a loss in our book.

The screen looks as gorgeous as you might expect with a technology similar to the OLED in televisions and High Dynamic Range (HDR) for greater depth and range of colours.

The camera

The iPhone XR’s single lens camera uses a Neural Engine which works with the ISP and the lens via a sequence of complex algorithms to ensure high quality photography. You can select your depth of field, and add a bokeh (background blur) effects while the smart HDR allows for extremely vivid colours and textures.

The battery

The battery is the real star of the show here, offering an average of 90 minutes’ extra battery power when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus. This means that the iPhone XR is among the first iPhones to achieve all-day battery life!

In conclusion

While it may lack the bells and whistles of the XS, the iPhone XR is an extremely attractive phone with a range of great specs at a very reasonable price.

Apple iPhone XR Features

Memory Card:Not expandable
Screen Size:6.1 inches
Storage:64/128/256 Gb
Camera:12 Megapixels
Talk Time:Up to 25 Hours
Depth:8.3 mm
Width:75.7 mm
Height:150.9 mm
Weight:194 grams
Battery:2942 mAh
RAM:3 Gb

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