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Release Date: Oct 2018

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the latest addition to the Huawei range. It's already proving to be extremely popular for smartphone users all over the world, with many tipping it as the most audacious and complete phone out there. It comes with an incredible 6.39-inch OLED, QHD+ HDR display that leaves almost no bezels at all. In fact, you get a tiny chin at the bottom, and a notch at the top - then the rest is virtually pure screen! The resolution is up there with the very best in the business, in fact, it's better than the highly acclaimed Google Pixel 3, and it's even better than the Samsung Note 9 as well. The result is a gloriously vibrant screen that's full of colour and makes all images and videos look beautiful.

Lookswise, it's very similar to the Apple iPhone X range. This continues the current smartphone trend of trying to make the screen occupy the majority of the phone. But, what makes the Huawei Mate 20 Pro so unique is the way it looks from the rear. Here, we have a fascinating design that you definitely won't see anywhere else. There's a clean and sleek look - with 3 rear-facing cameras making a dominant presence alongside the flash. It's bold, but it works by being something that we've not seen before. The only slight downside to the overall design is that the phone is relatively large. It's pretty long, which makes it almost impossible to hold and use in one hand alone. You've got a total of five colours to choose from; Pink Gold, Black, Twilight, Emerald Green, and Midnight Blue.

There's a fingerprint sensor that's built into the screen itself - around ⅔ down the front of the screen - but it also comes with facial recognition software. This is very responsive and works so well for unlocking your device. So, you don't have to fumble around for the fingerprint sensor - but this also works effectively if you do want to use it.

Of course, one of the things everyone wants to know about is the camera performance. The 3 rear-facing cameras come with impressive specs. One is a 40MP wide-angle lens, another is an 8MP telephoto lens, and the third is a new ultra-wide 16MP lens. This gives you more options when taking photos, and the result is one of the better cameras on the market. It stands up to a lot of the big guns, but it's probably not quite the number one smartphone camera out there. The front camera is a beastly 24MP lens that delivers brilliant selfies - and Huawei have even introduced their own Animoji style feature, but it's far from the polished article.

One of the key features of this phone is the humungous 4200mAh battery. It lasts incredibly long, even when you play games, watch videos, or browse endlessly through social media. This is combined with Android 9.0 and Huawei's own EMUI OS. The two work well together to create an excellent system that delivers speedy performance and hardly any lag.

Lastly, there's a more than impressive 6GB of RAM to offer top-drawer multimedia performance. There's a new Mali-G76 GPU as well, which gives over 30% better performance compared to its former version. Add a USB-C port into the mix, and you have a phone with specs that can rival the very top phones in the world.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Features

Weight:189 grams
Height:157.8 mm
Width:72.3 mm
Depth:8.6 mm
Camera:40 megapixels
Screen Size:6.39 inches
Memory Card:256 Gb
Battery:4200 mAh
RAM:8 Gb

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Reviews

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