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Release Date: Feb 2019

Samsung is at it again with its latest incremental update to its ever-popular Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones. However, the S10 isn't just a single phone but three.

The S10 sits between its two siblings; the S10e and the S10 Plus. The S10e is a smaller more budget-friendly version of the S10 while the Plus is, as the name suggests, a slightly larger version with a larger battery. You also get a bit more storage and RAM with the more expensive versions, but for this article, we're just going to focus on the base S10 which will arguably be the most popular.

The S10 sports one of the most beautiful smartphone displays that we've seen. Following in the footsteps of the S9, the S10 has a beautiful "Dynamic AMOLED" display with a very wide (or tall) 19:9 aspect ratio. This is great for viewing content and even multitasking but can be strange to get used to if you're used to phones with standard resolutions. The camera on the S10 not only produces top-quality images but also comes with a variety of features to make it one of the most comprehensive and versatile camera setups we've seen in a smartphone.

One of the first striking things about the phone is the small hole in the front of the display which houses the camera. We like this camera implementation for all-screen displays and there's nothing quite like gazing at such a larger screen with such thin borders. However, as a result of the all-screen body, the fingerprint scanning does suffer and it's slightly slower compared to the S9 due to the scanner being underneath the screen. While it's amazing technology that deserves praise, it's not as practical.

Something we love to see from Samsung is the inclusion of a headphone jack. At this point, it almost feels like the Galaxy series is one of the few high-end smartphones that has kept the headphone jack, and it's probably one of the reasons why the company is so popular and why their phones continue to sell so well; because they're loyal to their customers.

As Samsung's first all-screen smartphone, the S10 is a brilliant phone that will leave you more than happy with your purchase. While the camera quality of the latest Samsung flagship still can't touch that of Google's Pixel phones, the unrivallled screen quality, familiarity and excellent front-facing camera implementation makes it a phone that we can absolutely recommend.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

Battery:3400 mAh
Memory Card:microSD (up to 256 Gb)
Screen Size:6.1 inches
Storage:128 Gb
Camera:10 Megapixels
Depth:7.8 mm
Width:70.4 mm
Height:149.9 mm
Weight:157 grams
RAM:8 Gb

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