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Release Date: Aug 2017

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus is the last iPhone with the original bezel design. Now that Apple has shifted its focus to all-screen displays and notches, the iPhone 8’s original iconic design seems a little outdated. But is it still worth consideration, or should you just look at the newer X-series of Apple phones?

One of the defining features of the iPhone 8 plus is the large screen and superb speakers. Although the 5.5-inch screen of the iPhone 8 plus is nowhere near the huge 6.5 inches of the XS Max, it’s still a bright and vibrant screen and costs a fraction of what the XS Max would cost. Thanks to there being no visible notch, it’s also a little nicer for content consumption and the speakers, as per Apple’s signature quality, are still fantastic.

The camera is also surprisingly versatile and still holds up to today’s standards. It also comes with wireless charging (although you will need to purchase the accessories separately) and does, unfortunately, come with no headphone jack which could be a problem for some users. While it’s a fairly utilitarian and boring design compared to modern standards with the X-series of Apple phones, it’s still a classic silhouette and Apple is still supporting the iPhone 8 Plus to this day.

So if you’re not quite willing to spend the money on a newer X-series Apple phone but still want the large-display iPhone experience, then the iPhone 8 plus is the perfect compromise for its price, features and size.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Features

Memory Card:Not expandable
Screen Size:5.5 inches
Storage:64/256 Gb
Camera:12 Megapixels
Depth:7.5 mm
Width:78.1 mm
Height:158.4 mm
Weight:202 grams
Battery:2691 mAh
RAM:3 Gb

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Reviews

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