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LG KP500 Cookie Mobile Phone Reviews
Average Rating 2.7/5
3 Stars
The KP500 Cookie is one of the first budget touch screen phones to be sold in the UK. It offers a wide range of features but without the hefty price tag. It is a great alternative for the likes of the LG Renoir and the Samsung Tocco.

The phone measures in at 106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 mm and weighs just 89 grams. This is quite a nice size and still allows for a 3 inch touch screen, that also has handwriting recognition. The Cookie has a 3.15 megapixel camera with a video recorder. This screen really does compliment the camera as it is a nice large view finder.

The Cookie has 48MB of internal memory and this is expandable up to 8GB with the use of a microSD memory card. These can be picked up quite cheaply from most places. The large memory storage comes in handy for storing you images/videos and music. That's right the phone also has a music player allowing you to listen to your music on the move! There is also a FM Radio allowing you to catch up with the sports or listen to your favourite show whilst out and about.

Other features of the Cookie include; a Organiser, a document viewer for viewing documents with the following formats .DOC, .XLS, .PDF. The phone also has Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity and is Quad-Band.

LG KP500 Cookie Features

Talk Time:3 hours 30 mins
Standby:350 hours
Depth:11.9 mm
Width:55.4 mm
Height:106.5 mm
Weight:89 grams
Camera:3.15 Megapixels

LG KP500 Cookie Reviews

There are currently 6 reviews for the LG KP500 Cookie
LG KP500 Cookie review added by Abbi
4 Stars 4 stars
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This phone is good but it did freeze sometimes. It has very good memory space and a very good touch screen. Great for music and an excellent camera and you can play a lot of games on it.
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LG KP500 Cookie review added by Christopher Mckendrick
2 Stars 2 stars
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The touch screen is sluggish and unresponsive, the phone locking mechanism is poorly thought out, so I use most of my minutes in my pocket ringing people at the top of the alphabet. If I receive a message while trying to send one, I lose the message I was sending and have to restart the phone to write it again. The predictive text is fond of writing half a word, selecting it, and then deleting it before you've finished writing it. The battery life is about 2 days, but don't expect any warning about its impending death: Once the battery meter hits two bars (instead of the full three) you have less than an hour to charge it again before it's dead. In short, it is a bad phone.
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LG KP500 Cookie review added by Rose
3 Stars 3 stars
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The LP KP500 Cookie is an overall good phone for its small price tag, if you are looking for an affordable and smart looking phone then this is for you.

The phone does however have some quite annoying features it doesn't have a very good memory so you can delete texts and they will appear again after you have deleted them, and sometimes the phone doesn't save photos you take. It has a very nice touch screen (that wont crack like the iPod Touch, iPhone and other smart phones). It has a good 3.0 megapixel camera, bright screen and motion-sense games and the battery is excellent and will last for ages.You may want to buy the more modern version of the LG Cookie because of the issues with the memory which i find extremely annoying at times, I have had this phone for 3 years now and it hasnt broken or chipped so i would say its very decent.
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LG KP500 Cookie review added by Jessica
5 Stars 5 stars
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My phone, the LG Cookie is an excellent phone, it is easy to use with a range of things to do on it. The only problem is after a while of having it, it slows down and crashes quite often. But apart from that it is amazing, it has a wide range of games, easy access to the internet and things on it that suit me. If anyone asked me about it, I would definitely tell them to get one.
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LG KP500 Cookie review added by Declan Brown
1 Stars 1 stars
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The LG KP500 is an all round nice looking phone with touch screen and all the necessary features. There are many problems i have had with this phone which many other people have too. For some reason the phone loves to go through your contact list and phone random people... I have lost alot of credit to this! and it's very annoying. the battery likes to run out very fast after the first few months and also the phone turns off randomly its extremely annoying. Thus this phone is not the greatest i've had... LG you can do better!
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LG KP500 Cookie review added by Christopher Mckendrick
1 Stars 1 stars
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Slow unresponsive touchscreen. Abysmal battery life, comparable to a smartphone, except it's not smart! In fact, it doesn't do anything very clever at all. It also refuses to write certain words in predictive text and will literally delete a word 5-15 times in a row just as you get to the last letter. By that point you are ready to crush it in your hand. If I receive a message while sending one, the phone crashes, has to be restarted and I lose both messages. If I receive a message while writing one, it's more than happy to send my message to the wrong person, even as it says it sending to the right person. Not ideal if you send rude messages to your GF, let me tell you.

It's java based, as far as I know, so there's little hope of decent, modern apps, (or many free ones for that matter) and a chimp with a calculator could perform a better job than the CPU of this thing. Also, no GPS, no 3G, awful camera in anything other than intense light, erratic battery metre (sometimes a 'full' battery metre means you have a day to charge it, other times, you've got only minutes before it dies), rings people from my pocket all the time, eating up my minutes, because the lock on the touchscreen was designed by aforementioned chimp. It has weird and badly designed proprietary charge and audio ports, so I can't use any regular headphones with it, I have to use the bad LG ones. Alas that no longer matters because it no longer recognises microSD cards anyway. It also no longer charges off the mains, only off my PC, and the lead socket has a tolerance level of about 1/10th of a millimetre, so it will go into USB storage mode and back out, charge and then refuse to charge all in about 1 second if it is moved by even a hair's breadth (each of these generates a new device window on the computer simultaneously too, so in a matter of moments windows is asking what you want to do with the 10 new devices you just connected, all of which are the same ridiculous device). I have to put it on charge of an evening and cautiously back away so as not to upset it's charge arrangements with air pressure changes or vibrations.

Don't even get me started on the LG software that came with it. Not only is it inherently unstable, but I just don't see why a 3MB MP3 needs to take 10 minutes to move across onto the phone when in USB mass storage mode it takes 10s. As for backing up my contacts, it would be quicker to write them all down on pen and paper and input them into a new phone than it would be to use the backup system.

I got it because it was cheap about 1 1/2 years ago, and in a cruel twist of fate, it is now my longest serving mobile phone: usually I've managed to drop them in a toilet or out of a 4th story window by now, but it's also THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER OWNED. Some days, I pray something awful will happen to it so I can justify buying a new one.

Summary: do not own or buy anyone this phone, unless you don't like them.
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LG KP500 Cookie is rated 2.7 out of 5 from 6 Reviews

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