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The LG KG800 Chocolate is a totally new breed of phone, we have seen a slide phone before from LG but that was years ago and didn't offer much in the way of features; however the KG800 Chocolate is totally different. The looks are obviously a lot more futuristic and the cool keypad and is a nice touch.

I'm sure it looks like a normally keypad to most people but it actually isn't the navigation keys are touch sensitive making like work of answering a call! That's about as special as the Chocolate gets, there rest of the other features are text book and offers no substantial extra other any other phone. The built in camera of the Chocolate has 1.3 Mega pixels, the camera allows you to record and play back video as well as having a built in flash. The Chocolate has a built in MP3 player which supports MP3 & AAC files, the only down fall to the MP3 player is the fact that it doesn't have expandable memory. It only has the internal memory of 128Mb but to be fair this is more than other phones that don't have expandable memory.

The Chocolate has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to another Bluetooth phone or device. It has Java technology to allow you ton download some extra games. As usual the phone has polyphonic ringtones but also supports MP3 ringtones or true tones as they are some times called.

LG KG800 Chocolate Features

Weight:83 grams
Height:95 mm
Width:48 mm
Depth:15.2 mm
Standby:200 hours
Talk Time:6 hours
Camera:1.3 Megapixels

LG KG800 Chocolate Reviews

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