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With it's older brother having achieved the most popular phone of the year in 2010, the HTC Desire Z had some big shoes to fill. Luckily it seems that HTC have not removed any of the features from the first HTC Desire leaving it just as good as the original that is, of course, if you do not mention the masses on new and improved features that the boffins at HTC have managed to squeeze into this new handset.

The Desire Z looks great with it aluminum construction for not only strength but style and its super-slim 14.2mm design even features a keyboard that "elevates and locks" into place giving you a sturdy and compact keyboard which features well spaced, raised keys and shortcut keys to get you into your favourite applications at the press of a button.

HTC list the Desire Z as a handset "inspired by people on the move", for those who need to stay connected on the move, but it is much more than that. The Desire Z not only allows you to keep up with work, supporting multiple email accounts, or view compass orientated maps that are held on the phone and not on the internet(no more waiting around for maps to load) it helps you to communicate better with people around you. For instance, when Natasha from the office calls you it won't only tell you that she is calling but it will give you her latest Facebook and Twitter updates and remind you that you have forgotten her birthday for the second year running - not that any of us have ever done that!

Aside from just looking good and helping you keep in touch, which is what we like to think our mobile should do, the HTC Desire Z also contains a wealth of handy, day to day, features. Take its 5 megapixel camera for instance, not only does it have its own flash or let you record HD (720p) video but it also allows for you to use DNLA to stream your videos and music to DNLA equipped televisions and devices so you can share with all! Quick lookup allows you to select text in a document, email, text or on the web and search it instantaneously to stay ahead of the crowd and the Locations map application can also be used as a sat nav.

If your like us, your phone ring volume will either be too quite to be heard from your pocket/bag or will ring at a humiliating volume during a meeting. The HTC Desire Z can recognise when it has been tucked away and will ring louder to compensate. If you pick up the phone when it's ringing it will also lower the ring volume or simply turn the phone over to silence it.

The HTC Desire Z also feature HTC Sense allowing you an extra level of protection for your mobile. Not only can you have your SMS messages and contacts backed up, send and receive messages, make the handset ring at full volume and see the location of the handset all via their website, but you can lock the handset with a message detailing a reward for its return and if the worst should happen, erase the handset to protect your private data.

HTC definitively are not in the bussiness of producing mobiles for traditionalists, but if you are the kind of person who wants one gadget that does everything you could ever need then the HTC Desire Z is for you!

HTC Desire Z Features

Camera:5 Megapixels
Talk Time:430 hours
Standby:6 hours 40 mins
Depth:14.2 mm
Width:60.4 mm
Height:119 mm
Weight:180 grams

HTC Desire Z Reviews

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The phone itself is great, the track-pad and 4 touch buttons are very handy. The camera and 720p video are amazing and great edits are available. The best feature is the android operating software, with its wide range of apps and games, and brilliant customisations and widgets. Another fantastic feature is HTC Sense in which the phone can detect many things such as when to ring louder (eg-in bag) also it can locate itself online - however this doesn't work for me at the moment. Another problem is the sliding keyboard- it can fall down, and seem a bit insecure - i would like it if it could click into place instead of being loose. Overall a fantastic phone.
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HTC Desire Z is rated 4.0 out of 5 from 1 Reviews

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