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The all new Samsung Jet was released at the same time as the new 'iPhone 3G S' as a realistic competitor in the smartphone market which, until the Jet's release had been dominated by Apple since the release of their first iPhone and with the tag line 'Smarter than Smartphone' it sure claims to pack a punch.

The main feature of the handset is speed. The problem with most multimedia or 'smartphones' is that they are very good at being a phone but are notoriously sluggish when it comes to handling more complex tasks like watching videos or use of a touch-screen.

The way Samsung have tackled this problem is by giving the handset two processors. For those not in the know, a processor is the part of a phone, computer or pretty much anything digital that carries out instructions (Effectively the handset's brain). One of these processors is reserved for voice calls, taking care of the 'phone' side of things leaving another, more powerful processor, to take care of the 'smart' side of things. The end result is a seamless navigation and use of all of it's multimedia functions.

Talking of multimedia, there's not much this all singing, all dancing handset hasn't had piled into it! On-board GPS, music and video player, internet browser, email and the ability to record videos using the same file types used on DVDs are just a few of the highlights this gem is packing, as well as all the connectivity you would want and expect from a phone of it's caliber, such as Bluetooth, HSDPA, and Wi-Fi! It looks pretty trendy too....

Calling this handset a 'phone' is a bit like calling your computer a toaster!

Samsung S8000 Jet Features

Camera:5 Megapixels
Talk Time:5 hours
Standby:406 hours
Depth:11.9 mm
Width:53.5 mm
Height:108.8 mm
Weight:110 grams

Samsung S8000 Jet Reviews

There are currently 2 reviews for the Samsung S8000 Jet
Samsung S8000 Jet review added by Sophie
2 Stars 2 stars
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This phone was advertised as the new latest fast, quick mobile phone. The touch screen is really slow and the whole phone freezes. In order for a 'touch screen' to work the touch screen needs to be quick reacts with what the owner does.
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Samsung S8000 Jet review added by Brigid Omalley
4 Stars 4 stars
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The Samsung Jet is easy to use, has a nice size screen and takes good quality pictures!
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Samsung S8000 Jet is rated 3.0 out of 5 from 2 Reviews

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