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Motorola generally make two types of handsets, gimmicky phones which only last as long as their fashion(Remember the RAZRs and KRZRs) or business handset that never really make it to consumer level. The Motorola Dext has been a long time coming, but it seems that in that time Motorola have really been able to get their act together!

The most noticeable thing about the handset is it's operating system. Motorola are traditional very simple to use, but notoriously sluggish and will not do too much more then call or send a picture message. To solve this Motorola have opted for the new Android operating system, which has been created in partnership with several different companies(including most of the leading names in mobile design). The result is a smooth operating system that is smart enough to organise your life so you don't have to.

The handset obviously comes with all the features you'ld expect, like a media player that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it as well as a respectable camera and an array of connectivity options. The one feature that is really worth mentioning is the way the Dext takes everything you send and receive and allows you to view all of your communication with a certain contact within the handset. This allows you to see all of your texts, calls and internet activity with friends in one place.

The Dext has also been carefully designed. It is clean and sleek and doesn't 'change the world' with it's looks, but we like that! There is also a 3.1 inch touchscreen and slide out qwerty keyboard for those who may not have got the touchscreen bug just yet.

The handset definatly breaks the moulds of what it takes to be a Motorola, we just hope that more of these gems manage to slip through the net!

Motorola Dext Features

Camera:5.0 Megapixels
Talk Time:6 hours
Standby:320 hours
Depth:15.6 mm
Width:58 mm
Height:114 mm
Weight:163 grams

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