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It’s been about a year since Motorola released the Defy, it’s had mixed reviews. It was bound to, a pretty good phone (at the time) from a brand that wasn’t well trusted in the market place. It must of been, a big enough success for them to return with the oh so cleverly named Motorola Defy+.

Well the upgrades the new Defy+ aren’t cosmetic as the phone looks identical to the last! It’s the same size, width, height and depth. In fact the phone is very similar, the core features have remained unchanged, with 3G internet, Wi-Fi, GPS, a 5 megapixel camera and 2Gb internal memory with the ability to expand up by a further 32Gb with the use of microSD memory card.

The actual changes are that the phone now has a much improved processor and the phone now runs the latest Android 2.3 operating system. One major improvement is that the phone is now IP67 certified which means that it is dust and water proof up to 1metre for 30 seconds! This is great should you accidentally knock into the sink.

The battery performance has also been improved as the phone now has a standby time of 384 hours and 7 hours 10 minutes of talk time. This should keep you going without the need to charge it every 10 minutes.

Motorola Defy Plus Features

Talk Time:7 hours 10 mins
Standby:384 hours
Depth:13.4 mm
Width:59 mm
Height:107 mm
Weight:118 grams
Camera:5 Megapixels

Motorola Defy Plus Reviews

There are currently 2 reviews for the Motorola Defy Plus
Motorola Defy Plus review added by Mark
4 Stars 4 stars
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Love this phone! It does everything that I need it to. Had heard back things about the phone but after trying one out they are great! No faults!
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Motorola Defy Plus review added by Ronnieso
4 Stars 4 stars
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I have had this phone a few months now and am thrilled with it. The camera is capable of taking some very good images and there are some nice editing tools and effects. You can view spreadsheets and PDF files on the move and the internet browser is a very good. Battery life could be improved as it is not great.
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Motorola Defy Plus is rated 4.0 out of 5 from 2 Reviews

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